Welcome to Fayette County!

Welcome to Fayette County!

Fayette County ranks 13th in the midwest as a "Best Place to Live". Fayette County covers 720 square miles of prairie, farmland and scenic bluffs. This is a great place to build any business. We're convenient to transportation and wireless communication and there's a choice of five industrial parks - some 175 acres groomed for business growth. You and your employees will enjoy a great standard of living in Fayette County. Our school systems are great which is indicated by the fact that 83 percent of our graduates are college bound. Our beautiful parks and array of outdoor recreational activities is endless. Come see how fantastic Fayette County is!

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12th Annual 'Classics at Montauk' Series Kicks off January 22nd

Posted: Wed, January 4, 2017
The opening concert of the 2017 "Classics at Montauk" will feature musician Richard Palucci of McGregor. He will preform on clarinet, flute and saxophone.  The event at Montauk mansion will begin at 2 pm Sunday, January 22nd. The program will include light classics and a surprise or two! The concerts are free, as is the tea following the concert when the audience will have the opportunity to visit with the guest performer.  Concerts are sponsored by the Clermont Historical Society and the State Historical Society.
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FCLHTF now taking applications for housing rehab projects

Posted: Fri, December 16, 2016
Homeowners of both owner-occupied and rental properties may be eligible for assistance with rehab projects. The Fayette County Local Housing Trust Fund (FCLHTF) is accepting applications for housing rehab/improvement projects. For more information on the FCLHTF or to see if there is still funding in your area, please contact Upper Explorerland RPC at 563-864-7551 ext 111 for Mary Huinker.
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